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The Best High Speed Satellite Internet from Exede

Choose Exede – The Premier Internet Service in Your Area

Exede satellite Internet is available in your area, ensuring that no matter where you live, you have access to high quality, fast Internet service. Many other Internet providers don't even offer service in rural parts of the country, leaving users there with slow options like dial-up and DSL. However, rural America is where Exede thrives, delivering the Internet service of choice to users who want something better and faster.

Satellite Internet differs from telephone line based Internet service in that it is not restricted by geography or the lines themselves. Because our satellites are orbiting the Earth, all you need is a clear view of the southern sky in order to get satellite Internet. That means the same great speed is available everywhere you get Exede Internet. With dial-up speed doesn't exist. With DSL, you need to be close to a central office in order to get speed. That means most of rural America is out of luck with DSL.

With the latest and best technology available, Exede ensures that you get the speed you need to do the things you have wanted to do online. Stream videos and music, Skype with friends, shop online, enjoy social media, and so much more is available when you have high speed rural Internet service from Exede.

Why Exede is #1

Exede is the #1 satellite Internet provider in the nation for so many reasons. According to the Federal Communications Commission, it is the Internet service provider that most consistently meets and surpasses its advertised speeds. With consistently fast speeds for every customer, Exede lets you do so much more online than ever before.

With almost 30 years in the communication business and 3 satellites to ensure the best service available, Exede has more bandwidth than any other satellite Internet provider, ensuring that you get the very best speeds possible. What's more - only Exede locks in your price for 3 years, so you are guaranteed not to have a price increase during that time.

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An Exede Plan For Every User

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Exede offers a variety of satellite Internet plans to its customers in order to be able to meet their needs and budgets. All plans get the same amazing speed of up to 12 Mbps on downloads and 3 Mbps on uploads. However, the data limit changes depending on the plan you choose. Yet in an unprecedented change in satellite Internet plans, Exede has made it easier than ever to work around data caps that the federal government imposes.

Liberty plans ensure that you never have to deal with sluggish Internet connection. You can enjoy fast Exede speeds up to the monthly data limit, and then your speed is slowed down to a rate of 1-5 Mbps, still a respectable speed and much faster than the alternative. The Liberty 12 plan gives you 12 GB, Liberty 18 gives you 18 GB, and Liberty 30 gives you 30 GB.

We also offer the Essential 10 plan for the light user – a plan that does not include Liberty features – starting at only $49.99 per month. This plan does offer the Early Bird Free Zone, 5 hours of full speed, completely unlimited Internet access every day from 3am to 8 am. This is the perfect plan for someone just starting out, an infrequent user, or someone who mostly just does email, web searching and online shopping.

Make the Call- Get Exede Service

A simple call can get you started with exceptional high speed Internet service from Exede. Our trained customer care specialists are available now to answer all your questions and get you scheduled for installation. In as little as a day, you can be enjoying fast, reliable high speed satellite Internet from Exede.

Exede: The Leading Internet Provider In The Nation

Exede is constantly winning awards and breaking records. For two years in a row it has been named by the FCC as the Internet provider that most consistently meets or exceeds promised speeds. It was also the world record holder for having the highest-capacity communications satellite in 2012 with its launch of the ViaSat-1 satellite. In addition, it has received a variety of innovation and best new product awards.

Discover Exede Advantages

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Exede offers its customers major advantages.

  • Exede is available in more than 80% of the continental United States. If you have a clear view of the sky to the south of your home, you have everything you need to get Exede satellite Internet service.
  • Gone are the days of depending on your phone line for Internet. You never again have to tie up your phone line with dial-up service.
  • Exede offers you its top speed on every single plan, not just the most expensive one.
  • Exede has the Early Bird Free Zone – a period each day which is completely unlimited in data usage for Exede Essential 10 customers, even if they have surpassed their monthly data limit.
  • Exede offers Liberty Plans that ensure your access to fast Internet, even if you've surpassed your priority data.
  • Exede offers its own Voice over Internet Protocol phone service. It is competitively priced and does not eat into your monthly data, unlike other VoIP services.
  • Exede works with Mac or Windows operating system, your smart phone, tablet, gaming system and anything that is Internet enabled.
  • Professional installation ensures that your service is perfectly optimized, so you get the best service possible. Your installers arrive with everything needed to get you started and you will be online when they leave.

  • Exede brings high speed Internet to most communities across America that have been neglected by cable and fiber service providers. Experience the Exede difference now.

Call us at 1-866-945-9079 and speak with one of our customer service representatives in order to find out more or to set up your appointment for installation.